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Nontoxic Cleaning Services for a Greener Marin County

Marin House Cleaning is the first cleaning business in Marin County to be certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program. We are a locally-owned and family-operated company that provides nontoxic cleaning services for every home we visit. Our natural cleaning formulas are made with ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils, which are better for your health and the environment.

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Kitchens and Bathrooms Thoroughly Disinfected
All Rooms Dusted and Vacuumed
All non-carpeted Floors Mopped

We are insured, arrive in uniform, and inspect your home after each cleaning to ensure that every service has been provided comprehensively. We believe that consistency of quality should never be an issue when it comes to house cleaning. Our business is centered on satisfying you, the client. We understand that you hire a housecleaning service so that you can focus on the things you love in life, and we make it our business to ensure that your experience is first class.

Treat Yourself To a Clean and healthy home

Common household cleaners on the market today can be harmful to your health, are potentially deadly to children and pets if ingested, and pollute the environment.  There is no reason to have these poisons in your home when you do not have to.

Our Standards

Effective communication is critical to maintaining a beneficial partnership. Rest assured that you will always be able to communicate the requirements of your house to us; we understand your home is unique, and we want to honor all your requests.

Consistency of quality of service should never be an issue. Many cleaning companies may clean very well during their first few visits, but, after establishing a regular cleaning schedule, their quality of service declines. Marin House Cleaning implements a thorough quality control procedure whereby managers inspect the entire premises to ensure that every single service has been provided comprehensively every time.

Allowing an unfamiliar face into your home—in many cases when you are not present—can be a large step for many people to take. To address this valid concern, we are insured so that you can be confident you will not be liable for any breakage, damage, loss, or injury that might occur while cleaning your home. If something should happen, you are protected.

If you desire your house to be clean on a certain date, you want a dependable company that will deliver on its commitments. Marin House Cleaning always arrives on time and spends as much time as is necessary to complete the project. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!

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Our Happy Clients

Naomi S.

As a parent of a crawling baby it was extremely important to use 100% green cleaning products. With Marin House Cleaning I never have to worry about the safety of my child. Not only are they the best, truly green company out there, you can trust they will be there on time and do the most thorough cleaning job ever. On top of that they have excellent customer service!

Ugo B.

I have used Marin House Cleaning’s services on several occasions to help me prepare properties for staging. Jorge Lee is a consummate professional. He is easy to communicate with, he and his crew show up on time, they do a thorough job, are very willing to please, and are very reasonable considering the scope of what they do. I also much appreciate their green philosophy. It’s great to do business with a 21st Century company.

Sarah M.

Jorge and the staff of Marin House Cleaning consistently provide a thorough cleaning for our house and I look forward to the day they come and clean the slate for the rest of the week! It feels good to work with a company which is committed to using non - toxic products and knows how to use the most natural cleaners in a powerful way to clean - Jorge is dedicated to starting a new way to think about house cleaning here in Marin!

Adrien S.

I just walked in the door, and I couldn't be happier! You all did a magnificent job -- absolutely spectacular work! Thank you so very much! Nothing is out of place, everything is spotless...you have no idea how much I appreciate this.

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